Become a Psychologist in Maine - ME

Psychologists must have a license to practice in the state of Maine. The following are the steps for those interested in knowing how to become a psychologist in Maine:

  1. Select and apply to a college or university online or a campus school in Maine with a strong undergraduate psychology program.
  2. Earn a Bachelor of Science in psychology. Work hard on your bachelor’s degree and undergraduate classes because master’s programs in psychology in Maine are very competitive. Those with a bachelor’s degree can assist psychologists in mental health centers and rehabilitation offices. Bachelor’s degree programs in Maine usually take four years to complete.
  3. Choose and apply to a master’s program in psychology.

  4. Get a Master’s of Science in psychology. Prospective psychologists with a master’s degree in Maine can work in the industrial-organizational psychology field as assistants to research psychological evaluations. A master’s degree will add another two to three years to your schooling.
  5. Complete your psychology education by pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology. Doctorate degrees also take an additional two to three years to complete.
  6. Pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) with at least a 70%.
  7. Pass the Maine Oral Exam for psychologists.
  8. Apply for a license to practice psychology with the State of Maine Office of Licensing and Registration.

Those interested in knowing how to become a psychologist in Maine should note the following general requirements set by the state that must accompany the application for a license:

  • Completed application form
  • Recent photograph
  • Supervised experience documentation
  • Completed reference forms (3)
  • Official transcripts from undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs in a sealed envelope
  • Copy and verification of licenses held in other states
  • Exam scores (these must be sent directly to the board of licensing from the testing company)

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