Become a Psychologist in Massachusetts - MA

State law mandates that all individuals interested in how to become a psychologist in Massachusetts must meet the following requirements in order to apply for licensure:

  1. A person must possess a doctoral degree in psychology or specialty area from an approved program. Official transcripts are to be submitted upon application of applying for licensure.
  2. It is required for a person to have held at least a 2 year internship in some form of employment in the field of psychology. This could include teaching, researching, or helping with a personal practice of a licensed psychologist.
  3. The applicant must have successfully passed the (EPPP).
  4. The applicant must submit the application for licensure along with the $150 application fee.

License Renewal:

It is important to note for all individuals interested in knowing how to become a psychologist in Massachusetts that all psychology licenses in this state are valid for two years. For a licensed psychologist to continue practicing, they must renew their license on June 30 of even numbered years. Massachusetts Board of Psychology has set continuing education requirements that must be met to be qualified for renewal. The renewal fee costs $270.

Psychology Associations in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Board of Psychology

The Board is in charge of administering licenses to all individuals qualified. The main mission of the Board is to protect the public against faulty practices, as well as keeping the welfare of mental well-being at the highest level possible by setting rules and regulations for all practicing psychologists. The Board also investigates claims against psychologists and provides the needed disciplinary action when appropriate.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Division of Professional Licensure
239 Causeway Street
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 727-9925 Fax: (617) 727-1944

Massachusetts Psychological Association

This is public and professional service association, who strives to be an informative resource for licensed professional, prospective students, and the communities. The MPA strives to proactively enhance the lives of the mentally-ill, practices and clinics, work environments, and well-being of the public.
Massachusetts Psychological Association
195 Worcester Street, Suite 303
Wellesley, MA 02481
Phone: (781) 263-0080 Fax: (781) 263-0086

Massachusetts School Psychologists Association

The purpose of this association is to advance the school psychology not only as a profession, but also as a science. The MSPA work to provide quality mental health care and educational resources to meet the needs of children, their families, and the communities of schools in general. This organization promotes the much needed use of school psychologists. www.mspa-online.com


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