Become a Psychologist in South Dakota - SD

After completing all course work for the doctoral degree, prospective psychologists must then take the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP).  This exam is usually taken on a computer and is offered at locations in Spearfish, South Dakota every April and October.  Those looking at how to become a psychologist in South Dakota should note that before sitting for the exam they must have prior approval by the South Dakota State Board of Psychology before taking the exam.  The EPPP is about four hours long, and must be passed with a score of 500.  More information about the EPPP can found at the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Board’s (ASPPB) website, which is given below.

Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB)
P.O. Box 241245
Montgomery, AL 36124-1245
Tel: 334-832-4580
Fax: 334-269-6379
Email: asppb@asppb.org

On top of the EPPP, an oral examination is required in South Dakota.  The oral exam typically covers general knowledge of practicing clinical psychology as well as regulations specific to the state.  More than half of the board members must be present during the exam and applicants must pass the oral exam with a grade of 75% or above.

Once the oral examination is completed, those looking at how to become a psychologist in South Dakota can apply for a provisional license during their one-year post-doctoral practicum.  During this first year, applicants must work under the supervision of a psychologist already licensed in South Dakota.  Although applicants do not work directly with supervisors, they must meet with them at least two hours each month in a formal review session.  Before the full licensure is granted, the supervisor must report to the board about the qualifications of the applicant.  The provisional license is valid for one year, and cannot be renewed.  Moreover, during this provisional period, applicants must identify themselves as being in a training capacity.  For example, they must call themselves “training psychologists” or “assistant psychologists” until they obtain their full licensure.

During the application processes there are several fees.  First, the EPPP requires a $350 fee.  The South Dakota application fee is $300, which includes the oral examination.  If the oral examination is not passed, the applicant may retake the exam within six months after paying an additional $200.  The licensure fee depends on when it is received.  In January through March, the fee is $100; April through June, $50; July through September, $200; and October through December $150.

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