How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Michigan – MI | Training

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Michigan – MI

Do you want to be a Respiratory Therapist in Michigan?

The steps to a Michigan Respiratory Therapist career are not difficult to understand.  Set by the Michigan Department of Community Health, the requirements are well spelled out and easy to follow.

Achieve national certification from the National Board of Respiratory Care.
After you have completed an approved training course in Respiratory Therapy, as well as the two year Associates Degree, you have  to become nationally credentialed by taking an exam offered by the National Board of Respiratory Care.  There are a couple different examinations available to Respiratory Therapists, including the entry level Certified Respiratory Therapist, or CRT, examination and the Registered Respiratory Therapist, or RRT, examination.  Only the CRT is required for initial certification, but both examinations are preferred.  There is a fee of $190 in order to take the Certified Respiratory examination and a fee of roughly $400 for the Registered Respiratory Therapist examination.  The fee covers both the written portion, as well as the clinical simulation.

Complete a background check and fingerprinting requirements.
Next, you will need to complete a background check and fingerprinting.  Even if this step has been done previously, it will need to be repeated when the application is turned in.  Please note, you will need to bring $62.75 for the fingerprinting to be completed.

Fill out an application and prove yourself worthy.
Once you have proven your eligibility by providing necessary transcripts, test scores, proof of national certification, and completed the background check and fingerprinting, your application will be reviewed and a Michigan State license in Respiratory Care will be issued.  Then comes the fun part; find a job as a Respiratory Therapist!

Keep the license updated.
The initial Respiratory Therapist license is only valid for one year.  Subsequent licenses remain valid for two years.  Within each two year renewal period, an individual is responsible for accruing 24 continuing education units.  When you  renew the license, you do not have to  show proof of the units; however there is an auditing system in place that randomly spot checks renewal applicants. 

For further information regarding the licensing requirements for a Respiratory Therapist in Michigan, please contact:

P.O. BOX 30670
Ph: 517-335-0918

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