How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in New Hampshire – NH | Training

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in New Hampshire – NH

Respiratory Therapists care for and treat patients with breathing disorders and other issues involving the lungs. New Hampshire respiratory therapist careers are among the best in the medical field, offering great opportunities for advancement in both career and income.  There is a rapidly growing need for educated people in this field, and there are a number of cities in New Hampshire that offer an accredited education with lots of ways to advance.  According to the 2009-income range for Reparatory Therapists in New Hampshire was between $47,000 and $67,000 annually, with a median wage of $58,000.

This is truly a quickly growing field, due to the number of ‘baby-boomers’ heading into retirement, coupled with increasing cases of breathing disorders, and air-pollution, there will be a demand for educated professionals to meet the needs of the ever-increasing population of people with breathing issues.

Steps to becoming a Respiratory Therapy in New Hampshire

Most Respiratory Therapist Programs take a minimum of one year for the certificate and up to eight years for advanced education for the Doctorate; you have flexibility in how long and hard you work toward becoming a Respiratory Therapist.  Brushing up on math and science before taking placement tests will give you a solid foundation for this career.  A ‘C’ average and above is usually required for all courses to complete your degree.
Once you have earned your degree, the next step is to pass the licensing exams to become certified as a Respiratory Therapist; there are five RT classifications to choose from:

  • CRT—Certified Respiratory Therapist
  • RRT—Registered Respiratory Therapist
  • CPFT—Certified Pulmonary Functional Therapist
  • RPFT—Registered Pulmonary Functional Therapist
  • Neonatal/Prenatal Respiratory Therapist

Fees are as follows:

  • $190 CRT Exam
  • $150 CRT Retakes
  • $75 CRT Renewal
  • $150 CRT Renewal of Expired Licenses

Other Information:
Must be 18 and over to take Exam; completion of College level program studies of Respiratory Therapy and must turn in a College Transcript within 60 days of passing the Exam or forfeit your certification; must live in Canada or the US; must have a passing grade of at least 75%.  This is a three-hour Exam with 160 questions involving patient care and procedures of Respiratory Therapy.

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