How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Ohio – OH | Training

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Ohio – OH

Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Before the Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) exam can be taken, an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy must be achieved. This certification and degree are the minimum requirements needed to become a certified Respiratory Therapist. However, employers often look for further education and certifications. Two-year programs require multiple math and science courses. Human anatomy, pulmonary diseases, and medical terminology are among the many courses required to graduate with an associate’s degree.

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Once an associate’s degree has been obtained, higher fields of training can be sought. The most common field of higher education is the achievement of a Bachelor’s of Science in Respiratory Therapy degree. This degree focuses on the bronchopulmonary clearance methods, as well as pulmonary rehabilitation. Once a bachelor’s degree has been acquired, graduates are eligible to take the Registered Respiratory Therapy (RRT) exam. The certification increases career advancement opportunities in this medical profession.

Certified Respiratory Therapist Exam

The CRT exam is administered by the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC). This is the minimum certification needed to practice as a respiratory therapist. This exam tests graduates on their skills in entry level respiratory therapist positions. In order to pass the exam, a score of 75% or high must be achieved. After the exam has been passed, graduates can then apply for a respiratory therapist license.

Registered Respiratory Therapist Exam

The RRT is also administered by the NBRC. A passing score of 75% is also needed before graduates can apply for state licenses and begin Ohio respiratory therapist careers. This is the second among 5 exams that can be taken for higher respiratory therapist certification.

Respiratory Therapist License

Respiratory therapist licenses are given to graduates under certain limitations depending on what type of environment a Respiratory Therapist will be practicing in. Once the CRT exam has been passed, an application for a license can be submitted to the Ohio licensing authorities. In Ohio, a license is valid for two years before a renewal is necessary. Renewals are due every other year by the end of June.