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How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Oregon – OR

Becoming a Respiratory Therapist in Oregon

Once the associate degree program is completed, the instructor makes a note on the NBRC website that the student has graduated.  Once that is noted, the student can go online and fill out the application for the RRT exam and pay for it.  When the application has been approved, the student will receive an email giving him permission to schedule his exam.

The day after the test the student should check his status online.  If his credentials are verified, he will be able to purchase Credential Verification Letters.  That can be done by filling out the form and paying the fee.  He can then request one letter be sent to the Health Licensing Agency in Oregon.  He will need to print a proof of purchase.

Once this has been done, he can go to, and print the qualification and application forms.   The qualification form will need to be mailed along with the fee and the required IDs.  The application form SHOULD NOT be mailed at this time.  The licensing agency will return the forms if both are sent at the same time.  The student should wait until the licensing agency requests the application form.  Once they do, it should be mailed with the appropriate fee and IDs.
The next step is to wait.  Continue checking online.  Once the license is approved, it will show up on the health licensing agency’s website.

The state of Oregon allows a person who has completed the two-year program to apply for a temporary license that is good for six months and that is non-renewable.  This license allows graduates to begin their Oregon respiratory therapist careers while certification is pending.

In Oregon the Respiratory Therapist must renew his license every two years, and in order to do so, he must be able to prove that he has completed 15 approved continuing education hours during those two years.

As in every job, the more education you have the more possibilities you have of advancing in your field of work.  Respiratory Therapists have the opportunity to do a degree completion program in Respiratory Care.  When they finish, they will have a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree.  The advantage of the degree completion program is that the Respiratory Therapist can continue to work while he pursues his four year degree.

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