How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Rhode Island – RI | Training

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Rhode Island – RI

Becoming a Respiratory Therapist in Rhode Island

Nationally, job growth in the field of respiratory therapy is expected to climb by 23% between 2006 and 2016, adding nearly 24,000 workers to the field to bring the total to nearly 126,000. Rhode Island is expected to show a slightly lower job growth with a projected increase of 17% by 2016, increasing the number of workers in the field from 300 to 350. Contributing to this growth factor is Rhode Island’s air quality: it is one of the worst in the United States. As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, it is still home to numerous textile manufacturers, resulting in contaminants making their way into the state’s waters. There are currently over 200 sites that are either suspected of containing hazardous waste, or that have made it to the list of the nation’s most hazardous sites, identifying them as threats to residents’ health and the environment.

On top of successfully completing an accredited respiratory care training program, graduates must also obtain a license from the Rhode Island Department of Health in order to pursue Rhode Island respiratory therapist careers. They must pass the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) entry-level examination and must be certified or registered as a respiratory therapist by the NBRC. To obtain additional information pertaining to certification and licensing, individuals may contact the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Rhode Island Department of Health
Division of Professionals Regulation
3 Capitol Hill
Room 104
Providence, RI, 02908
Phone: 401-222-2828
Fax: 401-222-1272
Web site:

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