How to become a Speech Pathologist

How to Become a Speech-Language Pathologist

The following are the most direct steps to pursuing a career in this exciting field.
    1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology or something in the biology or liberal arts field. Examples of possible majors that will tie in well for a career in speech pathology include: English, Communication, Linguistics, Phonics, Anatomy, Psychology, Human Development, Biology, and Physiology.
    2. Earn a master’s degree in speech pathology from an accredited program. In this program one must earn 400 clinical experience hours.
    3. Complete a Clinical Fellowship Year by applying for various speech pathologist positions. This CFY will involve being closely supervised and monitored since you’re new to the profession.
    4. Sit for and pass the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association national certification exam to earn the SLP-CCC credentials.
    5. Become licensed by your state. This usually just requires submitting an application, transcripts, and proof of passing the ASHA certification exam.
    6. Find a job in this rewarding field.
    7. Maintain 30 continuing education credits every three years. Also keep up with your state’s continuing education requirements if necessary.

What types of personality traits would make someone a good fit for this profession?

If you’re considering pursuing a career as a speech pathologist, you want to ensure this is a good fit with your

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Speech Pathology Schools

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