Nuclear Medicine Technologist Careers in Michigan - MI | How To Become | Certification

How to Become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in Michigan – MI

Nuclear medicine technologist careers in Michigan are among the few careers that are very secure in the state of Michigan. As technology continues to be developed in the medical field, nuclear medicine has proven to be an extremely effective diagnostic tool. The amount of job openings in this field will continue to rise even as other industries struggle to stay busy.

While certification is not required in Michigan and a professional license is not offered, certification is recommended for professional success. There are a few options as to how an individual can prove their skills in nuclear medicine in Michigan so that they are able to apply for certification.

  • Complete high school and obtain 6 years of experience in the field
  • Register as a nuclear medicine technician and obtain 1 year of experience in nuclear medicine.
  • Complete an accredited nuclear medicine program.
  • After completing any of the above options, pass the certification exam administered by the Michigan division of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

The benefit of not having to become licensed in Michigan, but voluntarily becoming certified, is that it shows a level of motivation that employers like to see. Also, since many states do not require licensure, the national certification credential allows nuclear medicine technologists to pursue careers outside of Michigan.

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