Idaho CNA Salaries

Education, training, certification and work experience all effect a CNA’s earning potential. Although average annual salary for a CNA is considered low-paying, this trend is expected to change in the coming decade.

In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests an occupational growth rate of 18% by the year 2018; therefore, CNAs can expect increased job availability, heightened job security and competitive wages as a result. According to indeed.com, a CNA practicing in Idaho earns about $23,000/yr. The salary averages for larger cities in Idaho are as follows:

Boise, Idaho CNA Salary:  $19,000/yr
Pocatello, Idaho CNA Salary:  $20,000/yr
Idaho Falls, Idaho CNA Salary:  $20,000/yr
Meridian, Idaho CNA Salary:  $23,000/yr
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho CNA Salary:  $23,000/yr
Lewiston, Idaho CNA Salary:  $24,000/yr

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