Idaho Healthcare Administration Salaries - ID

If you feel like beginning a career in healthcare management, then you might be interested to learn that the average healthcare administration salary in Idaho is about $66,000 a year. It goes without saying that you stand to earn a lot of money in this career field, namely because healthcare administrators in Idaho are held to high standards and strict accountability.

Experience is undoubtedly the number one factor to impact salary in any profession. However, as a healthcare administrator in Idaho, you can still expect to earn a significant amount of money even with minimal experience. Because the BLS expects to see a 16% increase in the demand for interested professionals like you, there will be significant opportunities for employment in this field, essentially giving recently graduated healthcare managers a chance to be noticed.

One of the other factors that may determine your salary is facility type. Again, healthcare administration/management professionals in Idaho can work in any type of medical facility. However, the BLS notes that cardiology clinics are among the highest-paying specialty and OB/GYN clinics the lowest-paying specialty for healthcare mangers. Still, the highest-paying salaries overall are found in general hospitals and physicians’ offices accommodating more than 25 physicians.

When calculating salary, be sure to also take into consideration your specific location within Idaho. The list below shows some of the average healthcare administration salaries within Idaho by city:

  • Boise: $55,000
  • Idaho Falls: $54,000
  • Pocatello: $52,000
  • Meridian: $55,000

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