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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Idaho - ID

Lactation consultants across Idaho are earning an annual average salary of $66,000. Admittedly, geographic location is one factor influencing lactation consultant salaries. However, professionals can impact individual salaries by taking active interest in their occupation by staying up-to-date with industry trends, standards, and advancements. One way to stay current with issues affecting lactation consulting in Idaho is by continuing to achieve higher levels of education in health care, which may allow them to work in different branches of the field like sales, research, education, and nursing. Also, by training to take on increased job responsibility some lactation consultants rise to supervisory positions thereby making themselves more valuable to employers, which could be reflected in higher salary offers.

Furthermore, as health care support occupations experience labor market expansions in the coming, lactation consultants in Idaho may benefit from greater job availability and more competitive salary earnings. Professionals searching for entry-level positions are advised to begin searching for positions in more urban environments where concentrated population areas require more lactation consultants to provide care to growing families. Although metropolitan communities usually offer a wider selection of opportunities, they do not always produce higher salary averages. To exemplify how average salaries can vary between regions, here are the salary averages for some of the biggest cities in Idaho:

Boise:  $56,000/yr
Idaho Falls:  $55,000/yr
Nampa:  $55,000/yr
Lewiston:  $67,000/yr
Coeur d'Alene:  $65,000/yr

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