Idaho LPN Salary

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a favorable occupational outlook for LPNs nationwide. As a result of medical technology advancements, growing aging populations, and the increasing popularity of at-home health care, an employment growth rate of 21% is expected to continue until at least 2018.

Presently, LPNs in Idaho are earning a salary average of $39,000 annually. Since health care facilities are more abundant in areas of higher populations, LPNs are encouraged to seek employment in the following cities:

Boise, Idaho LPN Salary:  $33,000/yr
Nampa, Idaho LPN Salary:  $33,000/yr
Pocatello, Idaho LPN Salary:  $34,000/yr
Idaho Falls, Idaho LPN Salary:  $34,000/yr
Meridian, Idaho LPN Salary:  $33,000/yr
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho LPN Salary:  $40,000/yr

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