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Medical Billing and Coding Education in Idaho - ID

Some Idaho residents say that it is easy to lose oneself in the State's mountains, forests, and streams. In fact, some people are: Idaho's picturesque scenery and low cost of living has attracted sportsmen, businesspeople, and families seeking an affordable lifestyle, causing the population to grow by 17 percent over the past few years (  This great influx of people has created a high demand for Medical Billing Specialists, whose main responsibility is to streamline the medical billing process for Idaho's growing health care industry.

How to Become a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Idaho

  1. Graduate from high school or get a GED. Medical Billing Specialists must have a high school diploma or general education degree before they can gain any sort of higher education certificate from a community college or continuing education organization. Students should gain a strong foundation in English, higher mathematics, biology, chemistry, human anatomy, statistics, and communications, and focus on developing their critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills while attending these classes.
  1. Get a Idaho medical billing certificate, comprehensive Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Idaho or an Associate's degree in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Office Technology, or Health Care Information Management. A certificate is the minimum requirement for Medical Billing Specialists to obtain entry-level work. Certificate programs focus solely on issues that pertain to the medical billing profession, and normally do not include any additional classes. Associate's degrees combine liberal arts classes with health information management classes, and may require students to undergo a longer internship. Students can obtain the greatest benefit from programs sponsored by the American Health Management Association (AHIMA) and the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), which regulate education programs in this field.
  1. Acquire AHIMA certification. AHIMA certification requires AHIMA members to stay current with their profession through consistent participation in continuing education programs, leadership opportunities, and volunteer work. Membership with this organization can help Medical Billing Specialists move forward, especially as the medical field becomes more advanced.


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