Medical Office Manager Salary in Idaho – ID

The average medical office manager salary in Idaho is directly related to the level of accreditation and experience held by each employee.  The type of position held and the geographical location of employment also impact the expected salary.  Medical office manager positions in Idaho’s larger cities tend to pay more than positions in rurally located facilities.  This is due to the elevated cost of living found in the metropolitan areas of the state.  Larger clinics with more employees and patients require more time and responsibility from their office managers, and the earning power of office managers is often higher in these situations to reflect this.
Idaho salaries overall for the position of medical office manager are a bit lower than the national average.  However, the cost of living in Idaho is less than many places in the nation, creating a workable balance.

Some examples of the annual median salaries for medical managers across the state of Idaho are:

  • Boise, Idaho   $52,000
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho   $51,000
  • Pocatello, Idaho   $49,000
  • Meridian, Idaho   $52,000

Something to remember when it comes to salary and earning power is that there is always room for advancement.  It is in your power to seek additional education and acquire the necessary experience to advance in this career and to increase your salary.  There are courses offered, both traditionally and online that you can take to enhance your resume.  There are also certification programs to become certified managers in Idaho to make you more attractive to prospective employers.

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