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Medical Technologist Salaries in Idaho

Medical Technologist Salary in Idaho

Once employed, there are several factors that could impact a medical technologist’s salary in Idaho. For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that between the years 2008 and 2018, clinical laboratory and medical technologists nationwide will experience an employment growth of 12%. This industry expansion has the potential to open up as many as 20,000 new jobs across the country, which will lead to more job opportunities for medical technologists in Idaho as a result. An increase in job availability may promote competitive salaries, promote job security, and initiate higher industry standards in medical technology both nationally and locally.

Individual salary earnings can also vary depending on the level of formal education and amount of previous work experience an employee has acquired. Although most medical technologists hold at least a bachelor degree in medical technology or another health care related degree, those holding a master or doctorate degree will likely accrue higher salary offers. Likewise, those with significant past work experience in the field will benefit from higher salary projections. Medical technologists can continue to build work experience by participating in continuing education activities like medical technology specific workshops, seminars, academic courses, online exercises, and volunteer positions. Earning additional certifications in industry related fields is also advantageous.

Finally, the salaries can often fluctuate between geographical locations. Although the average annual salary for a medical technologist working in Idaho is $51,000/yr, this figure differs between cities. Here are the average yearly salaries for the five largest cities in Idaho:

Boise:  $43,000/yr
Nampa:  $43,000/yr
Pocatello:  $41,000/yr
Idaho Falls:  $43,000/yr
Meridian:  $43,000/yr

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