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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Idaho - ID

Idaho Medical Transcription Salaries

While the nation’s unemployment rate hovers around 10%, Idaho’s job outlook is strong at 5.7%. As of September 2009, only 18 states are experiencing a lower unemployment rate. With a low national unemployment rate of less than 2%, medical transcription is a growing field both in the United States and in Idaho. Medical transcriptionists numbered 98,500 in the United States in 2006 and that figure is expected to rise to nearly 112,000 by 2016.

Employment trends for medical transcriptionists in Idaho are expected to surpass the national growth by 8%, bringing the total of 780 medical transcriptionists in 2006 to 950 in ten years. Two of the state’s largest cities, Boise and Coeur D’ Alene, currently employ more than half of the total number of medical transcriptionists in Idaho.

The national average annual salary for medical transcriptionists is $32,000. Six of Idaho’s seven largest cities have salaries of $23,000, with the exception of Coeur D’ Alene, which is highest at $27,000. The average Idaho medical transcriptionist salary is $27,000.

Boise City, $23,000
Nampa, $23,000
Pocatello, $23,000
Idaho Falls, $23,000
Meridian, $23,000
Coeur D’ Alene, $27,ooo
Twin Falls, $23,000

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