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Idaho, the 13th largest state in the U.S, has the lowest crime rate and the second lowest cost of living out of all western states, and has a diverse climate that ranges from cold harsh winters in the north to mild ones in the south. Idaho has a serious need for nurses with advanced degrees to practice in many nursing specialties including nursing informatics. Healthcare professionals in the many rural and frontier areas of the state must be familiar with the expert generalist role; they must be comfortable functioning with significant autonomy, increased responsibility for action and decision-making, and self-sufficiency in practice.

Officials predict that the Idaho nursing shortage is double that of the national nursing shortage. Therefore, job opportunities for nursing informatics professionals abound and those considering entering the field of nurse informatics will be glad to learn of Idaho’s accelerating efforts to build new facilities for the education of the next generation of nurse informaticists who will fill part of that critical need for nurses with advanced degrees.

Salaries for nursing informatics are high and working conditions vary according to position and geographical location. The average Idaho nursing informatics salary is $83,000 annually or $6,900 monthly, according to

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