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Salary will vary according to your location and the facility you work in, as well as education level and years of experience in the field. Nationally, the median wage in 2008 was $14.04/hour or $29,210 annually. In Idaho, personal trainers made as high as $54,800 per year with a median salary of $28,100 per year. When working independently, the average hourly fee is $48.75 and can be as much as $100. Independent operators, particularly those focusing on specialty markets, can make the highest income, but it also requires considerable business acumen.

Average salaries for the six largest cities in Idaho are listed below.

Boise, Idaho personal trainer salary--$38,000
Idaho Falls, Idaho personal trainer salary --$40,000
Moscow, Idaho personal trainer salary --$47,000
Pocatello, Idaho personal trainer salary --$41,000
Sun Valley, Idaho personal trainer salary --$40,000
Twin Falls, Idaho personal trainer salary --$39,000

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