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Idaho Surgical Technologist Salary - ID

The Idaho surgical technologist salary is roughly $35,000 each year. Naturally, salaries can vary depending on your level of experience, what type of facility you work in, and where you live in Idaho. Initially, you will be looking to build a portfolio of experience. The good news is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 25% growth in this field through 2018. So, while you may not start out on the high end of pay at the beginning of your career, you will certainly find many opportunities for employment in Idaho that can help you get there.

The highest surgical tech salary in Idaho seems to be found in specialty surgery centers, with outpatient care centers ranking second and general surgical hospitals ranking third. Again, it is a good idea to choose a degree program that encompasses specialty surgery procedures because it will give you the ability to work in a specialty surgery center, which is where the highest dollars can be earned.

Finally, be sure to factor in where you live in the State of Idaho. Take a look at these salaries from cities throughout Idaho:

  • Boise: $30,000
  • Meridian: $29,000
  • Caldwell: $30,000
  • Blackfoot: $29,000

As you build up your level of experience, you will certainly find your way to the top of the pay scale in Idaho.