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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Idaho - ID

As of 2009, there were only about 190 ultrasound technicians in this state, and the average ultrasound technician salary in Idaho was around $61,090. The projected outlook for ultrasound technicians is likely to increase by a minimum of 18% over the next 8 years. This is significant because the number of qualified ultrasound technicians available and the number of ultrasound technicians needed to fill the healthcare demands in Idaho appear to be directly related to how much you can expect to earn in this profession.

Looking at some quick facts:

  • Approximately 481 babies are born each week in Idaho
  • 51 of these babies are born prematurely
  • 31 of these babies are born at low birthweight
  • Each week, 3 babies die before their first birthday

As reported by the Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization Index, only 72.4% of women in Idaho are receiving appropriate prenatal care throughout the course of their pregnancy; and some women report not even obtaining prenatal care until their third trimester. Overall, 10% of Idaho babies are born before their due date and 6.5% are born below average weight.

Together, these statistics drive the need for more ultrasound technicians in Idaho. With this supply and demand situation, it stands to reason that new ultrasound technicians in Idaho may have a bit more leverage when it comes to discussing salary with potential employers.

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