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Becoming an Ultrasound Technician in Idaho - ID

Steps to Become an Ultrasound Tech in Idaho

  1. Acquire a high school diploma or GED equivalent.  Idaho's colleges and universities will only admit students who have acquired a high school diploma or GED equivalent. These students must have taken classes in English, communications, biology, physics, accounting, and mathematics and maintained a successful academic record. Idaho's Radiographic Science programs can be very difficult to get into, so students should prepare themselves in any way they can.

  1. Be in good health and be up-to-date with all vaccinations. Students in Idaho must undergo a physical examination before they begin their clinical internships. They must also show record of having all their vaccinations, including measles, hepatitis b, vercilla (chickenpox), mumps, and tuberculosis. If they have not already had these vaccinations done, they should begin their vaccination schedules at least six to eight months before they start their undergraduate work. They can also show proof of prior illness to their university if they have already had vercilla.
  1. Get an associate’s or bachelor's degree in diagnostic sonography. Ultrasound technicians can be very successful with an associate's degree, but a bachelor's degree can take them even further in their careers. Many of the programs in Idaho are bachelor's degree programs, which follow a 1+2+1 model. The method includes one year of prerequisites, two years of professional radiography study and practice, and one year of sonography study and practice. This means that students fulfill their general education requirements in their first year, get an associate's degree after two additional years, and their bachelor's degree one year later. This education model is one of the best for aspiring ultrasound technicians because it provides them with a broad knowledge base and multiple years of experience in the field.
  1. Take the ARRT primary and post-primary exams. Idaho's Radiographic Science majors should be well prepared for the ARRT exams, which certify ultrasound technicians for practice. These exams typically cover the key concepts they learned in their classes and clinical internships, and are offered throughout the year.
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