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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Illinois - IL

Based on information compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for cardiac sonographers will hit 24% over the next several years. This far exceeds the averages for most other jobs.  Other organizations predict that there are not currently enough cardiac sonographers in Illinois to meet this demand. Beginning down this career path now may mean you’ll have your pick of jobs upon graduation.

A standard cardiac sonographer salary in Illinois averages $74,000, according to

  • Joliet - $75,000
  • Chicago - $69,000
  • Rockford - $60,000
  • Aurora - $53,000

As you can see, location can factors heavily into a cardiac sonographer can expect to make, but that is far from the only factor. The type of facility you find work in also plays a role.

Those cardiac sonographers in Illinois that are in the top tiers for salary are usually found employed in either very successful cardiologist offices, or are in management or supervisory roles in large care centers like the John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, or the Evanston Hospital.

The solid majority of cardiac sonographers, who make roughly around the numbers listed above, are employed at hospitals, successful clinics, large care centers, and through contract companies. Contract cardiac sonographers in Illinois also typically do quite well.

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