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Illinois CNA Salaries

Anyone interested in the fast growing field of health care in Illinois should consider a career as a certified nurse assistant, or CNA. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that this particular professional will experience a growth rate of 18% above the combined average for all other occupations through 2018.

This growth will consequently open up literally hundreds of thousands of CNA positions nationwide. This influx of job availability will positively impact the job market and the occupational outlook for CNAs in Illinois as well. Right now, CNAs in the United States are typically earning an estimated $27,000/yr. Illinois CNAs are earning slightly above this average at $28,000/yr. Many of the larger populated cities in Illinois reflect this salary average.

Chicago, Illinois CNA Salary:  $27,000/yr
Naperville, Illinois CNA Salary:  $26,000/yr
Joliet, Illinois CNA Salary:  $27,000/yr
Springfield, Illinois CNA Salary:  $28,000/yr

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