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How to Become a Gerontologist in Illinois - IL

There are many routes one can take in order to earn gerontology certification in Illinois.  One common route is to seek a four-year bachelor degree from an online or campus based university in Illinois, and then couple that with a gerontology certificate specific to that specialized area of study.  For example a phycology major would seek a psychology degree while simultaneously seeking gerontology certification.  The certification portion of the education would focus on the psychological issues that are commonly faced by the elderly and the best communication techniques to use when helping them overcome depression, anxiety, or other psychological and emotional problems.

The field of gerontology has proven itself to be vital the social health of our communities as we become aware that the physical and psychological issues faced by the elderly are very different than those faced by a younger population.  In today’s world it is common for the elderly to be separated from their extended family members, and the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative can prove a heavy burden. The more support that society can offer through the employment of trained gerontologists, the easier growing old will be for society as a whole.  As Illinois communities face the sometimes-difficult reality of caring for our elderly, gerontologists will be invaluable to the successful implementation of policies and programs that support this movement.

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