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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Illinois - IL

Across the United States most lactation consultants are earning approximately $83,000 annually. In comparison, lactation consultants working in Illinois can expect to earn an even high annual salary average of  $87,000. However, this figure may very well change in the next decade as the health care industry continues to expand exponentially. The Illinois Department of Employment Security has predicted that by the year 2016 the number of residents employed in health care support occupations will grow to 7,771 from 5,737 in 2006. This 35.45% growth in employment may lead to stricter industry standards for professionals trying to gain entry into the field while providing greater employment opportunities and competitive wages. Changes in industry trends may affect lactation consultant salaries in Illinois as a result.

Although lactation consultants obviously can’t control changes in industry trends, they can impact individual salary earning potentials. For instance, lactation consultants that continue to acquire higher levels of formal education in health care will likely achieve higher than average salaries. Likewise, extensive clinical experience and active certification status may positively impact lactation consultant salaries.

Finally, salaries can often depend on the geographic location in which a lactation consultant finds employment. Therefore, the ability to relocate is advantageous. To illustrate the vast range of lactation consultant salaries according to geographic region, here are the annual salary averages for the largest cities in Illinois:

Aurora:  $63,000/yr
Rockford:  $71,000/yr
Naperville:  $80,000/yr
Joliet:  $89,000/yr
Springfield:  $75,000/yr

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