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Illinois LPN Salary

LPNs practicing in Illinois can expect a largely optimistic job outlook. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that between 2008 and 2018, LPNs will benefit from 21% employment growth. This growth rate will continue to open up job opportunities both nationwide and locally. Currently, LPNs working in the United States are earning an average salary of $46,000 annually.

Illinois LPNs are actually earning a higher salary average of $48,000/yr. Here are the salary averages for some larger cities in Illinois, where job availability is more plentiful:

  • Rockford, Illinois LPN Salary:  $39,000/yr
  • Naperville, Illinois LPN Salary:  $44,000/yr
  • Peoria, Illinois LPN Salary:  $41,000/yr
  • Springfield, Illinois LPN Salary:  $48,000/yr

*Salary statistics are courtesy of indeed.com

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