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LPN School in Illinois - IL

Illinois is a great place to find PN educational training programs, as it is home to nearly fifty different NLNAC accredited program options. Most of these programs are provided by various state universities and colleges, junior and community colleges, as well as through online LPN schools. Students that successfully complete an LPN program in Illinois will be awarded a certificate or associate, baccalaureate, or master degree.

The Illinois Board of Nursing stipulates specific criteria regarding curriculum within LPN programs operating in the state. Therefore, despite slight difference between programs, students can expect relatively similar coursework. For example, the clinical portion of programs offered by LPN schools in Illinois must take place in an approved health care setting. Also, clinical education must cover adult medical-surgical nursing, critical care nursing, post-anesthesia care, pediatric nursing, emergency nursing, and maternity nursing.

Students can also expect classes that focus on the importance of effective communication and patient care relations. In this category, Illinois mandates course studies in interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, cultural diversity, ethics, and leadership and management in nursing. In addition, a wide range of general sciences and social science must be taught, including: anatomy, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, sociology, pharmacology and psychology. Finally, students should anticipate coursework in more nurse-specific topics such as growth and development, administration of medication, nutrition and diet therapy, professional and legal aspects of nursing, and nursing history, trends, and theories.  

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