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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Illinois - IL

Illinois Medical Transcription Salaries

The average Illinois medical transcriptionist salary is around $30,000 per year; however, that figure is variable depending on the length of time in the industry, the credentials of the medical transcriptionist and the speed and accuracy with which documents are transcribed.

Illinois Certifications for a Medical Transcriptionist

There is no requirement for any medical transcriptionist in Illinois to be certified, either. However, certification is a large part of a medical transcriptionist's recognizable credentials. Without certification, a medical transcriptionist can find it very difficult to become employed in their career field.

A medical transcriptionist in Illinois has two choices for certification: an RMT, or Registered Medical Transcriptionist, or a CMT, or Certified Medical Transcriptionist. Both of these certifications are administered by the AHDI and are only attainable after schooling and job training are complete.

A recently graduated student in Illinois is immediately eligible to sit for the RMT examination. The examination testing fee for RMT status is around $200 and must be paid prior to taking the examination. An RMT credential is only valid for a three year time span; after that is it up to the medical transcriptionist to complete at least one online course during that time in order to be recertified.

The CMT, on the other hand, is held to more restrictions. The CMT examination is not open to every Illinois student, but rather only RMT’s can take the examination. An RMT must have at least two years of acute care, such as hospital transcribing, before they will be eligible to take the CMT examination. The testing fee for the CMT is roughly $275.

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