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Illinois Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - IL

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Illinois

If you want to be a nuclear medicine tech, the state of Illinois is a great place to practice. The average for a nuclear medicine technologist salary in Illinois is about $71,000. This is higher pay than the national average for this position, at $67,000. Job growth in this state is steady, and compared with the rest of the U.S., it is a fantastic place to hunt for a job. The city of Chicago even ranks in the top fifty cities in the entire country for best numbers of job postings per capita.

It is a prosperous time for the medical field. A huge demand is being created by members of the Baby Boom generation who are starting to retire and are requiring more medical treatment, including the type of radiation treatments that are a nuclear medicine technologist’s specialty. New applications for nuclear medicine are also expanding the field. For example, nuclear medicine can be used to detect cancer at an earlier stage than other methods. In the state of Illinois, job growth for nuclear medicine technologists is expected to increase faster than average between now and 2016.

Here are the average salaries for a nuclear medicine tech in some of the major cities in the state of Illinois:

  • Chicago: $67,000
  • Aurora: $51,000
  • Rockford: $57,000
  • Joliet: $72,000
  • Naperville: $65,000
  • Springfield: $61,000
  • Peoria: $53,000
  • Elgin: $54,000
  • Waukegan: $55,000
  • Cicero: $66,000

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