Salary for a Registered Nurse in Illinois - IL

Illinois Registered Nurses Salaries

Considering the amount of schooling followed by hard work involved, it should come as no surprise that nurses in Illinois are well compensated. With its aging population and its busy cities with all the health problems associated with crowded urban areas, Illinois pays its nurses well and expects a lot from them.

Below are some average RN salaries in Illinois

Chicago, Illinois RN salary: $72,000
Aurora, Illinois RN salary: $55,000
Rockford, Illinois RN salary: $61,000
Naperville, Illinois RN salary: $70,000
Joliet, Illinois RN salary: $78,000
Springfield, Illinois RN salary: $77,000
North Peoria, Illinois RN salary: $65,000
Peoria, Illinois RN salary: $65,000
Elgin, Illinois RN salary: $58,000
Waukegan, Illinois RN salary: $59,000

Advancement Opportunities for RNs in Illinois

In addition for opportunities to work in an administrative or supervisory role, Illinois is home to many pharmaceutical and healthcare technology companies that value a medical background. However, to stay a nurse and earn more, you would want to go beyond your licensing continuing education requirements and return to school in a specialty or earn your master’s or doctorate degree. One route is to become an APN in one of the four specialties: certified nurse midwife (CNM), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), certified nurse practitioner (CAPN) or clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

RN Continued Education Requirements in Illinois

When the 2007 Illinois Nurse Practice Act takes effect in 2012, RNS will need to earn 20 continuing education contact hours between each two-year license renewal. The Board is still in the process of refining how it will enforce and define the rules, as of this writing.

Registered Nurse Schools