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Illinois Surgical Technologist Salary - IL

The average Illinois surgical technologist salary is $51,000, well above the national average of $38,740, most likely because it is a state-licensed profession. This is certainly a high-paying profession in Illinois and one that will not disappoint. There are currently 2 major factors that can impact your pay: experience and geographical location.

First, consider your experience. Since you are a newly licensed and certified surgical technologist in Illinois, you will be looking for the perfect employment offer to help you gain some crucial years of experience. Have no fear. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a potential growth of 25% for this profession through 2018, predominately due to an aging population and the increased need for surgical treatment. What this means for you is that you can expect to find many doors of employment to hep you build you surgical tech salary in Illinois.

The next impact on a surgical tech salary in Illinois is your precise geographic location. There are many large cities that loom throughout Illinois, some paying slightly more than others. Take a peek at the following list to find out how well your city pays:

  • Chicago: $48,000
  • Naperville: $46,000
  • Rockford: $41,000
  • Aurora: $36,000
  • Peoria: $40,000

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