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Becoming a Veterinary Technician in Illinois

After graduating from one of the online or campus based Illinois vet tech programs, there are a few different methods that the state of Illinois uses to issue licenses to veterinary professionals. The first method is simply by examination, in which you are scheduled to take an exam issued by the state department. You may also get your license via “accepted examination,” which means that you have already taken a national exam, in Illinois or elsewhere, and you are qualified to receive a license. If you’re transferring to Illinois from another state, you can also do what is called “Endorsement of License,” whereby you currently hold a license in a state that has similar requirements to Illinois. If you’re just staring out, it’s likely that you will be getting your license by examination or accepted examination, so you’ll need to know the basics of taking a certification exam in veterinary medicine.

If you’ve already taken the exam, then you’re all set. Just fill in the appropriate information on the application form. Keep in mind that you’ll need to complete an accredited program in veterinary medicine in order to take the exam, so ultimately you need an education to get your license in Illinois.

If you haven’t taken the exam, here is what you’ll need to do. First, you’ll have to register with the department to take the exam at At this website, you’ll also see a detailed listing of exam dates as well as deadlines for registration. There are two locations where each test takes place: Chicago and Central Illinois. The fee for the exam is around $100.

You will also have to register to take the exam through the national organization, The American Association of Veterinary State Boards. You may do so through online at

After you’ve taken the exam, you’ll be eligible to submit an application. You can find it on the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation website. You’ll be asked to list a record of your education, exam scores, as well as personal info. Once you’ve submitted the application, it stays valid up to three years, which will give you plenty of time if something suddenly arises that prevents you from completing the process.

Division of Professional Regulation (Veterinary Information)

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