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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Indiana - IN

According to information released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for cardiac sonographers in Indiana will increase by 24% from now until 2018.

Because of this demand, and the vital nature of the work they’re engaged in, cardiac sonographers in Indiana get paid quite well. According to salary information website,, the average cardiac sonographer salary in Indiana is around $71,000, and even more in some of Maryland’s bigger cities:

  • Gary - $75,000
  • Fort Wayne - $66,000
  • Indianapolis- $60,000
  • Evansville - $54,000

As shown, location can play a role in determining salary, but there are other factors that should be looked at, like level of education, and what kind of facility or care center you’re employed through.

According once again to the BLS, those that earn the most in Indiana are cardiac sonographers with bachelor’s degrees who are employed at profitable cardiologist’s offices, or in management positions in large care centers like the Parkview Hospital.

Solidly in the middle are the majority of cardiac sonographers, who are either doing contract work, or are employed at clinics, care centers, and hospitals all over Indiana. Aside from management positions and transferring to better facilities, there are few promotional opportunities open to cardiac sonographers in Indiana, but the solid pay and interesting work makes it a great career.

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