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Dietician Salary in Indiana - IN

Dietician Salaries in Indiana

The registered dietician salary in Indiana is going to vary considerably across the state. The current average registered dietician salary in Indiana as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be $92,000.

The services performed by registered dieticians within institutions such as hospitals can vary significantly, and the demand for these professionals also varies considerably based on the needs of a given institution.  Registered dieticians in Indiana can hold supervisory positions over a large staff that serves the various nutritional needs of many different patients, or they may work independently in a role that calls on them to advise patients individually on the proper diet for dealing with specific medical conditions, as is the case with diabetic nutritionists. Thus the variance in salary levels is based in part on the number of clients served as well as the capacity in which they are served.

Some of the larger facilities in Indiana require dieticians to support the specific nutritional needs of inpatients while advising them on specific nutritional issues. Some of the facilities in Indiana where graduates are likely to find secure careers working as a dietician include Ball Memorial Hospital, Community Hospital East, Deaconess Hospital, Methodist Hospital and Parkview Hospital.

Larger cities are going to have more need of dieticians based on the sheer size of the population being served by metro-area healthcare facilities. Salaries for these areas tend to differ considerably. For instance, the average dietician salary in Indianapolis and Evansville, Indiana is $74,000 while the average dietician salary in Fort Wayne is $90,000.

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