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Cardiac Sonography Training in Indiana - IN

The smartest way to go about beginning your cardiac sonography training in Indiana is to enroll in a two-year program that culminates in an associate’s degree.

Bachelor’s degrees, though offered more frequently nowadays, are more in-depth than is necessary for most cardiac sonographers, unless they’re looking for a really high-level job.

When you decide on a school, you’ll find your CAAHEP accredited educational curriculum in Indiana will focus extensively on the heart and cardiovascular systems, as well as how to handle ultrasound machines. You will be trained to work in a very specialized area, so thorough understanding of vascular anatomy and ultrasound operation is absolutely necessary.

As a rule, the second year of your education in Indiana involves large amounts of clinical practice, where you will perform echocardiograms of the transthorasic or transesophageal type, as well as the other diagnostic tests you are expected to be familiar with. All this will be done under the direction and oversight of teaching staff and trained medical professionals.

When you’re nearing graduation, think about getting accredited by either Cardiovascular Credentialing International, or the American Registry for Diagnosis Medical Sonographers. Indiana does not require this of cardiac sonographers, so this isn’t a strict requirement, but many employers won’t hire individuals who aren’t in good standing with one or the other organizations. To get the credentials you need to pay a fee, take a general knowledge and clinic expertise exam, and then complete three or four continuing education hours every year.

When all these steps are done, you’re ready to practice cardiac sonography in Indiana.

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