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Gerontology Degrees in Indiana - IN

A gerontology degree in Indiana can prepare you to secure employment in a uniquely challenging and deeply rewarding area of healthcare.  People that are older face a different set of issues and problems than their younger counterparts in society.   They are changing physically and their social needs are changing as well.  The priorities that once drove them are no longer the focus of their lives and these are replaced by a different set of values and concerns.  The field of gerontology has been recognized as absolutely vital in Indiana as the population of ageing individuals is expected to skyrocket in the next few decades.  The employment of trained professionals in this field will facilitate a smoother transition and ease the overall effect on society as the demographics change to include more people in the later stages of life.

As a degree seeker with an interest in pursuing a career in gerontology within the state of Indiana you should research schools around the state and consider those that offer gerontology certification.  This makes it possible to study the area of healthcare that interests you most while combining it with a program of study that certifies you as a gerontologist within that field.  There are also masters programs available and these are a strong way to demonstrate your knowledge in gerontology, but often the four-year degree with the proper certification will make a person a desirable candidate for any related position.

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