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Indiana Gerontologist Salaries - IN

Working as a professional gerontologist means a wide salary range in Indiana, depending on the specific area of gerontology you enter.   For example, gerontologist caregivers that work in assisted living facilities work directly with the elderly and their families to create a suitable and manageable living situation for those who need extra help on a daily basis.  At the other end of the spectrum, you can attend medical school and become a physician with a specialization in gerontology, which will mean earning a salary comparable to other medical physicians. 

The average gerontologist physician salaries in Indiana’s largest cities are as follows:

Indianapolis, Indiana - $197,000
Fort Wayne, Indiana - $191,000
Evansville, Indiana - $157,000

This profession is growing with the job openings expecting to increase faster than the national average for the entire country.  More and more healthcare is becoming specialized and employment is most easily secured for those with training in a specific area of gerontology.  If you seek specialized education and accreditation in this field, you will be reward both personally and financially.
The cost of housing and food are lower in Indiana than in many other states, and this will cause your salary to go further here making it a very attractive place to live for aspiring gerontologists.

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