Long Term Care Class in Indiana - IN

There are a whole host of psychological and sociological factors to consider when dealing with elderly patients, and everyone from nursing aides to life care facility administrators will need a solid understanding of these factors to be able to really perform their job effectively. Classes in long term care programs include the effects of retirement, dealing with death, and indentifying and treating age-specific mental disorders.

Many diseases like diabetes that commonly afflict the elderly are easily treatable, but because with age comes a general weakening of the body, the effects can be felt fast and severely if not properly dealt with. Even falls, and motion related injuries, are a common problem at elderly care facilities, and must be dealt with accordingly. Students will learn to indentify at-risk patients and situations, and devise safe workarounds or methods of avoiding dangerous situations.

Courses that are commonly part of long term care training programs in Indiana include:

  • Introduction to aging studies
  • Research methods appropriate to study aging
  • Critical health issues and the elderly
  • Psychology of aging and the sociology of aging or aging and culture 
  • Health and aging
  • Memory loss
  • The long-term care system
  • Leisure activities for senior citizens
  • Hearing loss and its affect in the elderly
  • Biology and aging
  • Aging and social policy
  • Counseling older adults
  • Communication disorders in the aging population
  • Health promotion and nutrition through the life cycle

Long Term Care Schools