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Individuals that are drawn toward the technological aspects of the health care industry should consider a career as a medical technologist in Indiana. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that approximately 3,370 medical technologists were employed throughout the state in 2009. However, as more laboratory and diagnostic tests continue to be developed and populations continue to grow, medical technologists will be increasingly sought after to provide assistance to health care providers and patients alike.

In Indiana, the state government does not yet regulate this profession by making medical technologists get certified, state registered, or obtain an occupational license prior to employment. While this may be a relief to some, this does not imply that medical technologists, sometimes called clinical lab technologists, should neglect to gain proper education and training. The three basic steps to becoming a medical technologist in Indiana is as follows: enroll in and complete a degree program from an institute of higher education in medical technology or a health care related discipline with a major in medical technology, graduate from an accredited medical technology specific program, and participate in hands-on clinical training that is supervised by a health care professional. In most cases, medical technology education programs will incorporate a clinical internship or practicum portion within its curriculum requirements. If not, students must seek out outside resources like hospital volunteer positions or paid work opportunities to accomplish medical technology training in Indiana. Most education and training programs intend to prepare students to sit for a national medical technology competency examination that results in certification.  

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Medical Technologists in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Evansville, Indiana may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Deaconess Hospital, Community Hospital East, and Parkview Hospital.
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