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Indiana Medical Transcription Training Programs

Indiana, the Hoosier state, is probably best known for its Indianapolis Speedway; however, it is a great state of open land, horses and agriculture. In addition, it has some very large cities that draw much attraction from around the state. But while all of these cities hustle and bustle, the open fields of forestry sleep and the medical transcriptionist is hard at work.

Steps to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Indiana

Step #1: State Licensing Requirements
The great state of Indiana does not hold a tight rein over its medical transcriptionists by offering state licensure. However, just because the state doesn’t offer some type of license does not mean that credentials are not important to the medical transcriptionist in Indiana.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a medical transcriptionist’s career is the credentials they hold and the good work that they do. In order to find out how an Indiana student can fit into this category, it is important to look at the accrediting agency over the medical transcription industry.

Step #2: Accredited Schools

The Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity is the only agency, which oversees the profession of medical transcription. In fact, there are very few schools nationally, which hold the AHDI approval.

What this means to a student in Indiana is that it is of high importance to find a school that is approved and accredited by the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity. Without that stamp of approval from the AHDI, it is very possible that an Indiana student may be receiving a lower quality education; as well as having difficulties finding a job after finishing school. There are a variety of programs for medical transcription training in Indiana, especially offered in the online format.

Because the AHDI is the governing source over the medical transcription industry, employers of all walks look to this agency to provide approval for only the most qualified of all candidates in this great field.