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MRI Technician Salaries in Indiana

The average Indiana MRI technician salary fits snuggly between $65,000 and $69,000 per year, which includes leverage between recent graduates and extensively experienced MRI techs. There is certainly a lot of financial gain to be found by pursuing a career in this field, and it is definitely one that you should pursue if it meets your personal career goals.

In general, healthcare professions in this nation are booming, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics expect this particular profession to grow by roughly 17% between 2008 and 2018, creating an increased need for MRI technicians in Indiana. As the population continues to age and the need for diagnostics procedures grows, it is to be expected that more and more MRI technicians will be needed. Even as a beginner in this field, you can take full advantage of the lucrative employment opportunities that will be available in Indiana.

MRI technician salaries in Indiana are generally heavily dependent on experience. New graduates in Indiana are sometimes discouraged by this and wonder how long it will take to become a seasoned MRI technician. The fact that there is substantial growth expected for this profession, however, will open up many doors of opportunity which MRI techs in Indiana can use to help build their level of experience.

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