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Indiana Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - IN

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Indiana

The average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Indiana is about $68,000, which is slightly higher than the national average. In this state, a nuclear technologist’s pay depends on several factors, including education, experience, and certification.

The demand for healthcare workers in Indiana is continually rising and will follow that trend in coming years. Currently, 60% of the population consists of adults ages 19-64. As this generation begins to retire and require increasing medical care, the demand for healthcare workers will continue to rise. As it is, 25% of Indiana’s population is already over 65, guaranteeing plentiful jobs for those in the medical industry.

Nuclear medicine specifically has a growing appeal in regards to the aging demographic in Indiana. For example, cutting-edge techniques in nuclear medicine are now allowing techs to detect cancer at an earlier stage than other methods. Besides that, the idea of diagnosing and treating illnesses involving the heart, bowel, and other systems without surgery is a huge draw, pulling more patients toward the realm of nuclear medicine.

Geographically, pay will vary considerably from region to region in the state, depending on the cost of living and the demand for techs. Here are the average salaries for a nuclear medicine tech in Indiana’s twelve largest cities:

  • Indianapolis: $55,000
  • Fort Wayne: $66,000
  • Evansville: $55,000
  • South Bend: $55,000
  • Gary: $76,000
  • Hammond: $73,000
  • Bloomington: $48,000
  • Fishers: $55,000
  • Carmel: $55,000
  • Muncie: $49,000
  • Lafayette: $47,000
  • Terre Haute: $53,000

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