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Indiana Healthcare Informatics Salary - IN

Nursing employment will continue to grow, according to predictions of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While much of the growth will occur in home health care and physicians’ offices, some growth will be sparked by improved medical technology. The increasing use of technology in healthcare, especially information technology, means that there will be increasing opportunities for nursing informatics professionals.

The outlook for nurse informatics professionals seeking positions in Indiana is exceptionally positive as the state has recently added nearly 21,000 new nursing jobs in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and medical centers and nursing informatics are part of that increase. The Indiana Nursing Workforce Coalition is working to decrease nursing shortages by increasing job satisfaction, retention, and providing more scholarship opportunities to students who choose to become nurse educators, an effort that should benefit both nursing informatics professionals and those seeking an education in the field.

Indiana salaries are equal to the national average but a dollar in this state goes farther, because the cost of living is much lower than the rest of the nation. Salaries and working conditions for the health and nursing informatics field are good and professionals in this field should enjoy a high quality of life. The average Indiana nursing informatics salary is $98,500 annually or $8,160 per month, says

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