Physical Therapy Assistant Pay in Indiana – IN

Indiana Physical Therapy Assistant Salaries

Salaries for physical therapy assistants vary in Indiana. Depending where in the state one chooses to work will make a difference on the compensation one earns. Information found at indeed.com places the range from $40,000 to $120, 000. Listed below are the median salaries found in different areas of the state.

Anderson, IN - $57,090
Evansville, IN - $44,580
Fort Wayne, IN - $42,950
Gary, IN - $41,900
Indianapolis, IN - $54,070
South Bend, IN - $40,390
Terre Haute, IN - $52,460


Indiana Physical Therapy Assistant Associations

Associations are resources for students and practicing licensed physical therapy assistants alike. Membership in associations will offer information regarding the industry, fellowship, networking opportunities and forums to discuss issues among those of a like mind. This can be invaluable in the development of one’s career. Associations can furnish job opportunities, validation of pertinent information, opportunities for continuing education, national and local industry trends that may affect future opportunities and practices in the field. Being armed with the proper information will furnish the opportunity to be proactive and best prepared for eventualities that lie ahead. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is the national organization for physical therapists as well as physical therapy assistants. Most states have a local chapter of the APTA, Indiana among them. The Indiana chapter allows the local practitioners to manage issues regarding the industry at a state level.


Physical Therapy Assistant Schools