How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Indiana – IN

Indiana, home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and so much more; fishing, boating, hunting, casinos and even Notre Dame University are found in this Midwest state. Educational and employment opportunities are at the ready for many seeking medical careers in Indiana. Employment in the field of physical therapy assistant is expected to grow much more rapidly than the national average. A physical therapy assistant helps the physical therapist provide the required level of care by executing tasks such as managing equipment use, guiding exercise and education of the patient. An associate degree in an accredited program is the only educational requirement for a physical therapy assistant in the US. Licensing is handled at state level and is not transferrable between states. To become a professional in this field one must go through an Indiana physical therapy assistant training program.

How to Become a Physical Therapy Assistant in Indiana

Indiana has a state agency, which provides the licenses to physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. The Physical Therapy Committee Professional Licensing Agency is located in the capital city of Indianapolis. Application for licensure will require passing the state exam, payment of applicable fees, and proof of the educational prerequisites in addition to verification of identity. Licensure is valid for a two year period starting and ending in even numbered years. July 1st is the date of expiration and renewal letters will be sent to the licensed physical therapy assistants 60 days prior to that expiration date of the license.

Fee Schedule: 

Application for Licensure- $100
Temporary Permit- $50
Renewal of License- $100


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