How to Become a Radiology Tech in Indiana - IN

Step #1: State Licensure

The licensing process in Indiana for a radiology tech is somewhat different from how other states operate. In Indiana, the first step to obtaining a state license is to first apply for a student permit. The student permit is only for students who are currently enrolled in an Indiana radiology tech training (education) program, and the permit will be set to expire six months after you graduate.

The purpose of the permit is to identify those students who are competent and qualified to work as radiology technicians. Previously, there were no rules for compliance in the state other than a state license. The additional requirement of the student permit allows the State of Indiana to seek out students which possess the aptitude for the profession prior to the licensure process.

Once your schooling is finished, you will then be able to apply for your state license. The application fee for the license is $60 and must be paid to the Indiana State Health Department – Medical Radiology Services. This will effectively begin the process of getting licensed in Indiana. In addition, the license must be renewed each year.

Step# 2: JRCERT Recognition

One of the requirements set forth by the Indiana State Department of Health is that all students should attend a school which is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, also identified as the JRCERT.

The JRCERT has an accreditation process that all schools must follow if they wish to be accredited by their organization. With the employment of accreditation, each school is held to the high standards and ethics deemed appropriate by the Committee. Not only does this accreditation help to recognize schools that are educationally superior in radiology, but it also creates a personal reflection on your education, which is most definitely beneficial to your career outlook.

Recognition from the JRCERT is not only a prerequisite to be licensed in Indiana, but it is also one of the requirements to be certified by the ARRT. Let’s take a look at what the ARRT is and how it impacts your career in radiologic technology.


In Indiana, the average annual salary of a radiology technician is $51,000.


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