Salary for a Registered Nurse in Indiana - IN

Indiana Registered Nurses Salaries

An average nursing salary in Indiana is about $73,000, but specialties can earn much more. A certified RN Anesthetist can command $117,000 and an emergency room RN can earn as much as $92,000. Some average salaries for several major cities in the state are listed below.

Indianapolis, Indiana RN Salary: $60,000
Fort Wayne, Indiana RN Salary: $64,000
Evansville, Indiana RN Salary: $63,000
South Bend, Indiana RN Salary: $65,000
Gary, Indiana RN Salary: $83,000
Hammond, Indiana RN Salary: $80,000
Bloomington, Indiana RN Salary: $54,000


Advancement Opportunities For RN’s in Indiana

To earn more money and take on more interesting and challenging roles, you can continue your education and seek specialty certification. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner or specializing in anesthetics are just two possibilities. You can also take on supervisory roles, managing other RNs and nurses aids, or move to an administrative role. The downside to these is that you would likely get to spend less time in face-to-face contact with patients. Another possibility is teaching your nursing skills to students in colleges and continuing education courses all over the country.

RN Continued Education Requirements in Indiana

Typically, you do not have to take continuing education courses to maintain your RN license in Indiana. However, if your license has lapsed, you must demonstrate competence by proving you have taken at least 24 hours of coursework from an accredited provider. The hours must be split between assessment, documentation, pharmacology and legal/ethical issues. If your license is more than 10 years out of date, you may also be required to take a nurse refresher course that has a clinical component.

Registered Nurse Schools