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Indiana Surgical Technologist Salary - IN

The median surgical tech salary in Indiana is $49,000 annually, which is significantly higher than the 2008 national average of $38,740. Theoretically, this profession can afford you a decent living while giving you the opportunity to do something that you love. There is no better reason than that to begin your career as a surgical technologist, so let’s explore the potential aspects of impact on your pay.

One of the potential impacts on salaries is your experience, or lack thereof. As a recent graduate and newly Certified Surgical Technologist, employers will certainly not be looking at your experience. So, you will likely begin with a salary that is entry-level. This is okay, though, because the Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a potential growth of 25% for this profession through 2018. That means that there is an increasing demand for surgical technologists in Indiana, giving you many opportunities to get in and start building your experience.

The other factor is the city in which you live in Indiana. Some areas are naturally more populated and draw a larger patient base than others, typically equating to a higher surgical tech salary in Indiana. The list below details some of the pay rates in various cities throughout Indiana:

  • Indianapolis: $40,000
  • Fort Wayne: $43,000
  • South Bend: $41,000
  • Elkhart: $40,000
  • Gary: $54,000
  • Terre Haute: $39,000

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